Financial Literacy

We spend a lot of time discussing “college and career readiness” in MCPS, but continue to send our graduates out into the world without an understanding of taxes, credit scores, or even how to apply for financial aid. That's why I'm proposing to expand personal finance classes to all high schools next year, in 2023-2023 and add a 0.5 credit personal finance graduation requirement beginning with students matriculating in 2023-2024 -the Class of 2028.


"Montgomery County schools may add ‘financial literacy’ to required courses"
Bethesda Magazine
"Financial literacy requirement proposed for MCPS high schoolers"



To/From: Members of the Board of Education

Subject: Financial Literacy Education as a Graduation Requirement

WHEREAS, The Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) is committed to ensuring that Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students are college and career ready; and

WHEREAS, The Board believes that an important indicator of college and career readiness is financial literacy education that exposes students to the basics of financial planning, including the value of money and how to budget, invest, spend and borrow; and

WHEREAS, Several local school districts in Maryland require that a financial literacy education course be taken prior to high school graduation. However, MCPS currently only offers a financial literacy course as an elective in five high schools and personal finance education as a component of the National, State and Local Government or Advanced Placement Government courses; and

WHEREAS, In early 2021, InnovateX, a student-led nonprofit organization assembled a personal finance workgroup comprised of MCPS students, parents teachers, administrators and community members to survey students and analyze the existing state of personal finance education offered in MCPS schools; and

WHEREAS, The personal finance workgroup found that the majority of survey respondents were in favor of expanding a personal finance elective course to all twenty-five MCPS high schools. The workgroup issued several recommendations including making the elective course and teacher professional development in personal finance available; and

WHEREAS, The Board acknowledges and appreciates the research, analysis, survey and hard work of the personal finance workgroup and believes that the work toward graduating financially literate students must continue; now therefore be it

Resolved, That the Board of Education direct the interim superintendent to explore the possibility of identifying and offering a .5 credit financial literacy course, that will be required for all students beginning with students entering Grade 9 for the 2023-2024 school year (class of 2028) and that the interim superintendent provide a report to the Board of Education about the feasibility of this requirement no later than January 2022.